Sunday, October 10, 2010

QDBSRV Jobs - AS/400 Sys Admin have to know

In AS/400 system.

Recently there was a indexing job automatically run under
QDBSRV** Subsystem to index the production PF. (During day time where user do data entry ). We can see it from WRKACTJOB command. It normally take up a very high CPU % when the index start rebuilt.

are there a way to minimize the impact of rebuilding access paths after a restore object with logical ?
Yes, best way to protect of- to save files with access path (ACCPTH(*YES)) In this case IMHO at RST-operations QDBSRV... job activity will be at minimum.

How about if you decide to deleted the file to stop indexing job QDBSRV*?
the problem is you cannot delete logical file which already running. you have to stop the QDBSRV job at first.

Can you stop QDBSRV using command endjob? I suggest not to do this.

then how? is there anyway to stop indexing and delete the logical file?
Yes. By entering the following command, EDTRBDAP - Edit Rebuild of Access Paths. You can hold access path rebuild, then change rebuild to happen at file into *OPN. state. by changing state into *OPN, The access path is rebuilt when the file is next opened. keep in mind that your goal is to delete the logical file and also physical file after LF are completely deleted.

then do deletion for the logical file, next physical file

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